Sometimes I wake in the midst of the night, when the world is subdued, and the children of Earth are granted a temporary respite from the obligations of survival. I like to go outside into the brisk night air and bathe in the peaceful candescence of the moon. It is then that I sense God’s presence, like a warm silken flash of azure light, His whispered voice brushes across my soul.

The strain of life’s burdens are irrelevant in those brief moments, when distractions flee, and frustrations cool. For just a moment, I rest, having no desire, save for the peace that envelopes me in its solicitous womb. It is then that I have just a taste of what Heaven must be.

I am sure that you have sensed His presence in your quiet moments, when the memorizing voices of life are hushed and you can hear your own heart. It is then that God speaks from where we have dismissed Him.

In that brief moment, all philosophies and addictions, all demands and appetites lose their drawing power. The hardness melts, and for just a few moments, we risk a walk outside our walls of protection. In that quiet interlude, heavens doors sway silently open, and a warm light bids us enter. Worn and palsied, our battered soul hears with longing trepidation, “Yes, I am still here”.


So Much the rather thou Celestial light

Shine inward, and the mind through all her powers

Purge and disperse, that I may see and tell

Of things invisible to mortal sight

– John Milton- (Poem: Light, 1600’s)

Pastor Shayne

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