Our Own Worst Enemy


What the people fail to understand about democracy, is that it’s the greed of those who buy, not the greed of those sell, that is destroying our planet.

If every individual chose to be more selfless, as individuals, then the collective whole would be healed.

The whole culture is caught up in externalizations; we are all “victims” caught up in the blame game.

There isn’t necessarily a centralized cabal ruining the earth… It’s we ourselves. The cumulative sin of a billion plus people, blind to our own greed.

Pastor Shayne
  1. Marcin Jezewski

    It’s quite difficult to find the right balance. There is no simple solution. Being too cooperative, giving up selfish desires entirely may be as destructive as lack of cooperation

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    • Shayne Mason Vincent, MSW

      Agreed. Minimalism doesn’t have to mean becoming impoverished. But we undervalue the power of the purse.

      If we were to all boycott shopping on holidays, then no business would open. If we’re to use or redo what is not broken rather than constantly replacing them for fashion or convenience. If we redid blocks of homes rather than build more. If we all boycotted gas when it raises prices.

      If we made individual conscientious choices with shopping, the markets would sway toward our desires.


      • Marcin Jezewski

        The problem is we are not all-reason… Our choices come from passions, emotions, rational considerations or mistakes. Which is good. Evolution equipped us with tools to deal with reality. Sometimes reason needs to give way to unreasonable fear. To fight or flight response that saves life. Sometimes reason is what gets us killed… This is why we make such unreasonable choices. This is why I actually fear the day we all start being reasonable. It may be the end of our species.

        Basically, as I agree on the intellectual level, I also believe we need irrational stupidity of mistaken attitudes and choices.

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        • Shayne Mason Vincent, MSW

          I consider it an issue of self actualization, meaning the integration of holistic awareness. Using mind and heart, fully conscious of motives.

          Unfortunately, much of our lack of awareness is willful, in that wr dont like to think about things that are painful and/or require emotional honesty.

          What could be easily understood then becomes shrouded in mystery.



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