Religious Recovery Bill of Rights


Religious Recovery Bill of Rights

1. Freely Experience Your Individuality
2. Talk Openly and Honestly, Without Shame
3. Acknowledge Your Emotional Life as Real
4. Limitations and Weaknesses are Normal
5. Hypocrisy is More Often About Sincerity than Facade
6. Boldly Think for Yourself in Spirit
7. Asking Hard Questions is Entirely Appropriate
8. Cultural Expectations are Not Truth
9. Letting Go and Forgiving, Does Not Mean You’re Giving Your Approval
10. Having Good Boundaries Should be Considered Mature Faith
11. Let Go of the Illusions of Control and Embrace Grace
12. Mistakes are Often the Deepest Opportunities for Growth

Pastor Shayne
  1. Jimmy Munoz

    Shayne, These are some awesome thoughts. May God bless you beyond your dreams as you help others achieve emotional health, for it is the same as spiritual health.

    Hallelujah, glory to our awesome God.

    Liked by 1 person


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