Let Go of Control


Religious rules, structure, hierarchy, discipline: these all appeal to the broken, the fatherless, the uncertainty of eggshells… our deepest longings for security.

Yet, while these expectations might cloak themselves in spiritual language, it is ultimately just another disguise for approval seeking. The methods of Cain: “You can please God with fruit”, “there is no need for uncertainty”.

But control is only an illusion. For, in spite of our best efforts, we continue to have limitations. Despite our best efforts, the world remains broken. Therefore, to truly heal, we must embrace the grey turbulence of life’s uncertainty as normal.

Trust must replace dogma. Risk must replace walls. Community must become life’s highest meaning. For in mutual brokenness we find acceptance. In loving one another, we find the courage to heal. In grace, we find a certainty of hope.

Pastor Shayne

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