Facing Our Ideals


What would it mean to change your ideals?
Does it have to be an ethical compromise?
Or is it a growth in wisdom?
Idealism is really more of a concept than it is an action.
Therefore to let go of castle building in the sky,
Is to engage with real life.
To truly become a person of principle.
In deed rather than fantasy.

What then is the proof of an idea,
That is to say, what makes it true?
It is by attempting to validate out ideals,
With sweat equity,
Through cause,
And through effect.
This is what pulls back the curtain,
The smoke and mirrors of the great Oz.

Perhaps you’ll discover it wasn’t a fantasy,
Or, perhaps it was all just illusion.
But more important than your ideals,
If you are willing to live with the consequences,
For having been true to yourself,
Your soul will be alive,
Your heart, warm and beating, within your chest.

For greatness,
In truth,
Is measured more by the journey,
Than by the ideals themselves.

Pastor Shayne

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