Omniscient Humanism


The beef I have with humanism is that it presumes too much; it takes upon itself the mantle of “true thinking and serious thought” and through a propaganda of disparaging rhetoric, enforces and indoctrinates our society to believe that theological and metaphysical thought is somehow not critical or articulate thinking. Secularisms position is essentially that they have the correct worldview and that Religion is just uneducated fundamentalists out to narrow the minds of the world.

I would be interested to see a poll of how many humanists have even read the works of Luther or Augustine. I wonder how many even realize that they all had doctorates with years of articulate study and critical insights, with profound minds that altered and shaped entire societies. Even Islam profoundly impacted seamanship and mathematics. And eastern religions have benefitted societies for thousands of years.

Certainly, without question, there are religions that brainwash people, and adherents have little ability to think for themselves, only following the things they were told by their pastor, priest or parents. Even religions that are considered mainstream, alive, and spiritual, often only do what they are told by their leaders, falling into the idea that their worldview is all knowing.

But let’s not pretend that indoctrination is exclusive to fundamentalist faiths. The same spirit of control and orthodoxy holds true for secular humanism as well. How many so called “critical thinking youth” are, in reality, just carbon copies of their evolutionist teachers or professors? Or, how many people even bother to question Darwinism’s ethical impact on society?

Do not adherents of enlightenment based philosophy vilify any and all that veer from it’s secular cradle to grave authority? Is this not the same narrow minded indoctrinational behavior they so passionately accuse historic Christianity of? Granted, I certainly prefer the hand of secularism over enforced religious preference. But what I am uncomfortable with is that secularism is now encroaching upon conscience in its assumptions of supremacy of worldview.

In the end, Darwinistic-Secular-Humanism is a religion like any other, with tenants, priests, defenders of the faith, and proselytization. It has its orthodox tenants with devout adherents as well as heterodoxical detractors. And just as Catholicism of old, they use the power of government to enforce their decrees upon the conscience of all.

Therefore, to be narrow minded and unable to think for one’s self is not found in, “believing in metaphysics or theology”: in truth, to be narrow minded, is to accuse anyone that doesn’t subscribe to your worldview of being, “narrow minded”.



Pastor Shayne

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