The Cost of Wisdom


“In the long interlude, after the glow of our communion with God, in the inglorious monotony of the common, the slow cogs of reality meticulously grind their way through a maze of seemingly irrelevant moments. The duties of life dragging us unwillingly back from the edges of glory. 

Bills, disease, taxes, Monday mornings, children, and in-laws, all clamoring for our attention. It is in this discordant gap, in the exasperating distance between our ideals and reality, that God, ever so intentionally, takes us through His unfathomably mundane purposes. 

Prayers without resolution, dreams unfulfilled, loved ones perishing, characters deficient and fraudulent, with little to no regard for our commitment or sincerity, all shepherding us, hurtling us toward an infinite prize, the priceless treasures of wisdom.”

-Shayne Mason Vincent- 

Pastor Shayne

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