Understanding the Motives Behind Emotions


(Consider this only a guide to jumpstart your thinking)

acceptance– reveals our beliefs
affection– reveals our deepest needs
aggression– reveal our insecurities
ambivalence– reveals past disillusion
apathy– reveals our disappointments
anxiety– reveals what we think is important
boredom– reveals who we are not
compassion– reveals our integrity
confusion– reveals that we are normal
contempt– reveals our prejudices
depression– reveals unresolved issues
doubt– reveals misused trust
ecstasy– reveals what we long for
empathy– reveals our wounds
envy– reveals our expectations
embarrassment– reveals our shame
forgiveness– reveals our spirituality
frustration– reveals our demands
gratitude– reveals our humility
grief– reveals what you value most
guilt– reveals what family expects of you
hatred– reveals betrayal
hope– reveals our greatest desire
horror– reveals our conscience
hostility– reveals our ideals
homesickness– reveals we are loved
hunger– reveals our mortality
hysteria– reveals our boundaries
interest– reveals our identity
loneliness– reveals our kindness
love– reveals the meaning of life
paranoia– reveals abuse
pity– reveals the depth of our love
pleasure– reveals we are alive
pride– reveals our search for approval
rage– reveals our many disappointments
regret– reveals our tendencies
remorse– reveals our willingness to change
shame– reveals both lies and truth
suffering– reveals our ability to overcome
sympathy– reveals our humanity


Pastor Shayne

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