The End of Evil


In mankind’s darkest hour, when nation is at war with nation, amidst greed and pollution, pestilence and violence, when even the Earth itself groans under the weight of its own extinction, a small cloud appears in the heavens. Slowly the cloud grows larger and larger becoming brilliantly white with light. The Earth begins to quake and buck, the sky burning with white hot fire melts away, and all the world is bathed in its brilliant candescence. Suddenly, myriads of angels pour forth from the cloud, trumpets and voices blazing in song. And in the midst of it all, you behold Christ Jesus, clothed in light, pulsating with majesty and power.

For a moment you quake in terror, just as you are ready to die from the sight of His unutterably purity, the earth stops, and Jesus cries out in a voice like an earthquake and a volcano played as an instrument, “My grace is sufficient for you”. Peace washes over the saved of the Earth, tears of grief stricken joy well up in your eyes and you breathe a lifelong sigh of relief. Here, the loving Savior of mankind, has returned.

Softly descending above you an angel floats down near your side. The angel greets you with the warmest smile and speaks your name. Instantly you recognize the voice. It is your guardian, the one who has walked by your side all your life. He points to your right and there you see your mother and father, your children, your grandparents, your spouse, all resurrected from the dead, clothed in an eternal vesture.

The angel grasps your hand and tells you with a sparkle in his eye, “prepare yourself”; you take in a sharp breath of air as suddenly your feet leave the ground for the first time. Finally, your years of trial and struggle are over, the earth falls below, as you gently ascend up to the cloud. You are enthralled and dumbstruck with joy; no more bills, taxes, politicians, bankers, or lawyers, it is the final end of war, famine, poverty, disease, abuse. Evil has been forever obliterated by the flaming purity of His character.

Upward and still higher we fly, through the panoply of our atmosphere, rushing past the moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. Beyond our solar system, the planets of our yellow star fading behind us. Forever forgotten are the sorrows of this dark, cold, selfish world. Rushing at millions of times the speed of light, we catapult toward the belt of Orion. Entering the nebula, its magnificent purples hues reflect off the stars and gases. Through a wall of light, we come upon the seat of the Government of God, it is Heaven itself!

The glorious, clear, azure light of God radiates throughout this massive world of cloud and water, of earthen verdure and speechless beauty. Slowly all the generations of mankind from Adam to the 144,000 descend upon a verdant plain outside the walls of an enormous city. It is here, at the gates of Zion, one by one, that we meet Jesus in person. He gives you your crown of life, of which you promptly throw at His feet exclaiming, “You would have to be mad to think that I earned this”. Jesus only smiles with tears of joy, and lovingly says, “You were worth every drop of my blood”.

What splendor, what joy, so great the healing, so happy our exaltation. As we enter the city of God, a pure river flows crystal clear from the Throne of the Most High, spanned by the tree of life. Shouts of joy explode from the bustling throngs of holy angels crowding around us, slowly shepherding us to the foot of the Throne. The seat of power for the entire Universe. An emerald rainbow surrounds His Throne, laid upon blue sapphire, pulsating with wave upon wave of love and power. And in the midst of it all, the Ancient of Days stands up, and with our own eyes, we behold our God. A hush of awe and glory washes over the mass of people, with baited breathe we hang upon every word as he begins to speak: “The Lord, gracious and full of compassion, slow to anger and great in mercy. The Lord is good to all, and His tender mercies are over all His works.” Psalm 145 8-9. A roar comes up from the multitude, praising the God of love, we all break forth into song:

The Song of the Redeemed

Music & Lyrics by Shayne M. Vincent, MSW

As we sing the song of the redeemed

On the sea of glass we stand free

Surrounded by the multitude

From the power of sin forever free

We lift our voice and praise the King

Cause our victory has been won

by Christ our King 

Now the song of Moses, we all sing


As the Lion lays down with His lambs

And eternal life’s within our hands

Reunited with family and friends

Never to part again

We worship Him who made the worlds

He made the heavens the earth and Seas 

Now the song of Moses, we all sing…


Such a marvelous thing

A God who is gracious, 

Who’s just and Holy. 

So bow down on your knees, 

the Lord is drawing near… 

who redeemed you and me, 

what a marvelous King,

to give eternity.


Pastor Shayne

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