The Offering of Cain

Contrary to what we believe, the biggest problem with piety is its foundation in sincerity. The wolf within clothes itself in devotion, not as an attempt at misdirection or facade, but out of a longing to do what is right.

To offer our fruit to God is a naive act of love to our master, but in reality, because it is tied to our desire for His approval, rather than to faith, it is an act of the flesh, it is no different than the offering of Cain.

Surrender as an act of veneration, as it were, is a vehicle of control, allowing the disciple to be in charge of God’s approval, as though it were possible to guarantee or maintain acceptance through a prescribed formula.

Thus what in the proper context should be an act of love, becomes an action of the flesh, approval seeking, or unbelief, disguising itself as spiritual devotion.

-Shayne Mason Vincent-

Pastor Shayne

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