Generation Nothing at All


“We should concern ourselves not with the pursuit of happiness, but with the happiness of pursuit.”    -Unknown-

It started out kind of unfair. Our free-spirited parents viewed us more a product of mistakes than offspring. We grew up in the 70’s, the illegitimate children of indulgent love. We were the silent observers of the chaotic 60’s generation, start to finish. Our childhood lasted from Woodstock to Y2K. We have as much skill with tech as any child of Generation-Z, yet we still understand the ethics of the founding fathers.

Our grandparents, flush from the WWII/ Korean war booms, gave our parents every opportunity possible. Unfortunately, by the time our generation arrived, the rust belt was in full swing. And so we grew up scraping for work, forced to go to college to make a good living; that, or be doomed to minimum wage.  While it’s great that we are the most educated generation alive, we are also overworked and crushingly indebted by the ruthless greed of former generations.

We have seen pretty much everything that our nation has to offer. For instance, I intimately knew my great-grandmother who was born in the 1880’s. And I could imagine that her great-grandmother knew people all the way back to the 1600’s. Hence, our generation was directly impacted by people that knew the living founders of our nation. Think of it. In our one generation is contained first hand knowledge of the United States, from its inception, to what may likely be its collapse.

So how can they just ignore our generation as somewhat, “listless and marginalized”? Far from irrelevant, the entire history of the United States is encapsulated in our one generation! And we still have 40 to 50 years left to go.  Far from being a forgotten generation, we are the very fruit of the republic. All this blazingly implies, the Jedi order is real, our generation can save the republic from the empire.

We know what it means to have a constitution. We know why it was put into place. We know the outcomes of too much state control. We also know the outcome of too little state control. We know the struggles of oppression, the greed of industrialization, the propaganda of dogma, and how to live within pluralism. Through experience, we have learned compassion is a higher value than materialism, that action is more significant than ideology. 

We may have gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to the stock market, but it has forced us to embrace life for the living. Our homes may have been broken, but it taught us the importance of family. We saw the beauty of the planet before it was being destroyed, therefore we know its value for our children. We have seen the potential of technology in the iPhone, but we have also seen its limitations having grown up riding bikes and playing under the stars.

Our generation has the solemn opportunity to enlighten and guide the modern world. Far from our generation being pointless, we may be the planets last and best hope. We are riders on the storm, riding the crest of an awakening underground. It is time for our voice to be heard as the unselfish leaders of our planets future.

Pastor Shayne

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