You Are Wanted; As Is

Is it so difficult to believe that God actually loves you? Could it be that God actually cares about us, as is, without needing to perfect ourselves first? Do we dare admit we have needs? That the little kid inside of us, really, just longs to sit on grandmas lap and have cookies and milk? What if God just wants to be close to us, at the place we are now, not at the some ambiguous point of expectation; and never, no ever, at the point of obligation.

If human beings are broken and are not like God, then logically, God who is not broken, is not like us:

  • When someone fails us we push them away. When we fail God, He doesn’t abandon us, He embraces us even more.
  • We hate our enemies and end up in perpetual conflict. God loves and cares for His enemies and brings healing to the conflict.
  • We build walls of self-protection because we fear love, God tears down walls and opens Himself up to rejection because He is love.
  • We are inclined to be selfish, egotistical, and fearful. God is inclined to be giving, community centered, and secure.
  • We have abusive parents who judge, harm, and fail us because of their insecurities. God, who knows the Truth, is accepting, loving, and unfailing, even to the point of sacrificing Himself to protect us.

Unlike broken human beings, God’s word and His actions are one. He authentically loves us, because He can do nothing else. God knows we are broken. He knows all about our disappointments and sorrows. God knows we have needs and even longings. And His greatest joy is to provide them for us. 

He bids us, “Walk by My side child into the journey of Truth”. A crazy paradoxical string of opposites; to rebel against a world of blind selfishness. Listen… can you hear? For who you are, as is… God loves you. (Psalm 91)

Pastor Shayne

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