Servant Leadership


What exactly does that mean? We find the model of leadership Jesus lived was in stark contrast to the world’s models of leadership. While authority was generally indicated by one’s position, connections, or education, Jesus had a different idea for His followers.

It’s been called the “Upside Down Kingdom.” “The first shall be last…” “The blind will see, and those who see will become blind…”

While Jesus Himself had no earthly position, He was regarded as one who spoke with authority, an authority that came from His Father, i.e. God Himself. Yet He never used that position or power for anything other than to serve others.

With Jesus’ life as an example, the whole purpose of church, and especially its leadership, is meant to be about community and friendship, serving alongside one another, putting our trust in God, with a collective passion to heal the broken and lost. The whole goal only of being simply who we really are as individuals, loving one another in Spirit.


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