Healing Anger

Anger is easier than fear. It gives us the illusion of control. It serves a purpose in our lives. It helps us survive. 

Anger is how we cope: it is why we overcome, why we defend the needy, why we have justice, why we complain, why we play victim, why people bully and abuse. 

Anger is sometimes because we see the truth so clearly, and sometimes because it is easier than facing the truth. 

Some anger we have a right to, some we have brought upon ourselves. But in the end, the motive is irrelevant, because unresolved anger only destroys, it never resolves.

To heal we must let go of what cannot be changed. We must let go of the demand for justice, the expectation of perfection. We must embrace weakness and forgive.

We must also face what can be changed. Letting go requires new thinking, new habits, new preoccupations, new friends, new goals, and a brand new life over and over again. 

Step into the flames of fear, and healing will greet you on the other side. 

Pastor Shayne

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