The Seven Pillars of Self-Worth


The Seven Pillars of Self-Worth


1. The Practice of Living Consciously
Live in the present. When we make a conscious effort to see and experience what is around us, we can make choices based on what is, not what isn’t. We can improve our happiness through gratitude and changing what is real, rather than dwelling on what is not. See what already is, not what is fantasy.

2. The Practice of Self-Acceptance
Everyone is broken. But everyone also has strengths. This is a reality for parents, children, bosses, employees, marriages, both successful and broken. When we come to appreciate what we do well, in addition to accepting our limitations, we begin to appreciate who we really are, rather than who we believe we are supposed to be.

3. The Practice of Self-Responsibility
Instead of blaming ourselves and others, we must learn to become responsible for our own actions and choices. As an adult, you are in charge of your own outcomes. Once we deal with our past traumas and losses, it is important to move on. Your life is now your own. And by changing what is, in the now, you can alter reality through the simplicity of action.

4. The Practice of Self-Assertiveness
When you are authentic, you become who you were meant to be. It’s important to stand up for your own ideas. Genuine boundaries are neither defensive nor aggressive. It is a simple statement of your needs; as simple as yes and no. For true selflessness is not the obligation of pressure, rather, it is chosen out of gratitude and awareness.

5. The Practice of Living Purposefully
What do you love in this life? What are your passions? What makes time fly for you? What do you do when money is irrelevant? The answer is found in your natural God given strengths. That is your purpose. Don’t wait for your purpose to find you. It is based in who you already are, it is in the adventures that already surround you.

6. The Practice of Personal Integrity.
Your choices will affect everything that has happened and will happen to you. Therefore, be accountable to your own choices. Cause and effect can either destroy everything you long for, or build it into everything you hoped for and need. So be accountable to your conscience. Don’t brush off the significance of truth. Respect will not only create peace for you, but it will heal those around you. Living within the power of integrity, humility, and compassion, will bring you to the heights of your potential in both darkness and in light.

7. The Practice of Altruism and Community
Life is about more than self. Life is meant to be shared. To live alone is to be empty. The universe does not allow for a vacuum, it must be filled. Therefore, self-worth, happiness, contentment, must include others. In family, friends, community, spirituality, we find love, and love is the whole purpose and meaning of life. In giving we receive joy. In sharing we express meaning. In communion with others, we express our deepest being. Living is where all things material and immaterial become one. For what is meaning if there is no adventure? What is purpose if there be no resolve? What is the point anything, unless we actually live?



Art: OmNomWutNevrmind, Deviant Art
Concept: 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem, Nathanial Brandon
Pastor Shayne

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