Even though Christ gave his life for us, we doubt God’s love because our lives haven’t gone according to plan – our plan. We spurn the guidance of God in favor of our own demands.

At the heart of our pride is a wounded-fear that refuses to trust God. Our naive inner-child unwilling to rest; deep scars have taught us that trust is perilous in a selfish world. We dare not give control over to anyone, any-thing, other than ourselves.

In doing this, we completely miss the satisfaction of His provision, the happiness still available in life, the joy of gratitude for what is already right in front of us. The roses atop the thorns, leading us to new chapters of life, eager to be written.

So take your trembling steps into the flames of fear, let the crust blinding your eyes burn away, let your shackled soul burst its chains, for God will never abandoned you. He will never leave you. He will never give up on you. For God loves misfits, the broken, the empty shells who stare out timidly behind their facades… those whose deepest longing was only, ever, to simply belong.


Romans 5:5-8

Pastor Shayne

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