Prog-Metal at its most creative and finest… this album in particular just blows my socks off. 7 string guitars, 5 string bass, unique drum time signatures, and (unfortunately) the temporary vocal feats of Ashe O’Hara; this was his only album with Tesserct, though he has done a lot of other work nearly as good; but this album, I find to be of epic quality. Their new singer is actually the old singer prior to Ashe, and he is fantastic as well… but I’m partial at this point. If you are a musician, you will love them. It isn’t often you come across music that transports you creatively, this is one of those times.


I’m a surrogate

I’m archetypal and itinerant

I’m your excuse to long for a superior

I will undertake, I will overcome

Imperfection you will find

Look close enough, tear off the mask I need

This endeavor is not mine

You subject me to the daggers you conceive

I’m stronger than I was before

Thus you reinforce these walls, I can’t fight you anymore

Threatened by the open door

All the chances I ignore, I can’t stand still anymore

The day is done, nothing left to say

Resting head in hands, wishing I had known my place

To take a stand, the errand of a fool

I’m not to reprimand, I’m here to help you through

Is nothing like it seems?

Living in this sequence, a dream

Is nothing like it seems?

Gather broken shards of self esteem


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