Us vs Them

What our enflamed society fails to see, is that, in principle, Liberalism is exactly like Conservativism:

  • Both believe they are standing for the cause of truth.
  • Both live by the same principles of intolerance.
  • Both refuse to learn from perspectives outside of their own worldview.
  • Both are correct at times and both are wrong at times, and both refuse to see this.
  • Both are extremists of biased partisan ideology.

While we have typically defined liberalism as an openness to new ideas and conservativism as a rigidity with old ideas, in reality, they are both extreme opposite attempts to fix the world through control.

Humankind has difficulty with seeing things in grey, we like control, therefore we default to black-and-white. But what extremism fails to see is that sometimes things on the left are true, and sometimes things on the right are true; sometimes both left and right are wrong and there is a need for entirely new solutions.

Humanity must learn to think and not to simply react. We must break the chains of greed and power based propaganda and become a collective of thinking individuals. As Viktor Frankl stated, “there should be a Statue of Responsibility on the West Coast to balance out the Statue of Liberty on the East Coast.”

We are capable of healing our own society, of throwing a wrench in the ceaseless machine. There is no need for a division of extremes. Democracy has enough room to live and let live, to agree to disagree. It is high time for the human race to grow up and stop behaving like children. My fear is, we are incapable of doing this, collectively, this side of heaven.

“Here is what I have figured out: God made humanity for good, but we humans go out and scheme our way into trouble.”

-Ecclesiastes 7:29

Pastor Shayne

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