Choices Have Outcomes

Love has moral entailments. If you can’t understand or agree with that, let me say it another way: in order for relationships to work, it requires ethical accountability.

To admit that, is to agree that there is a wrong way to love. And if there is a wrong way, there is a right way… therefore right and wrong exist through self-evidence. Hence, there are consequences for actions and choices.

If this be true, then how do we live? What do we base these truths upon? It is found in experiential self-evident laws, in the same way as gravity is a truth that remains regardless of our opinions about it. I am free to believe I can fly, but gravity is the ultimate arbiter of reality, not my entitlement about what should or should not be real.

Therefore causal laws exists outside of the convictions of the self, irregardless of our own ideas, cultures, backgrounds, or opinions; they act upon their own, therefore they are external, implied, cosmic, and not merely self-generated.

Hence, since there are consequences to whether we follow these laws or violate them, then there is a basis of truth that requires our unity and harmony with it in order for life and happiness to function; it is not required to conform to us, but we are required to conform to it.

Therefore, if there are universal, moral/ethical, truths about human life and love, then I submit to you that the casual source is found in the Laws of our Creator, the one known as the Great Spirit, who is both the source of these principles of love, and of existence itself. A divine artist who paints upon the palette of life with both love and beauty. Indeed the source of all that is wrong on this planet, is not of God, but from human beings who are out of harmony with His laws of love.

“Whoever does not love does not know God, for God is love.” -1 John 4:8

Pastor Shayne

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