A thought about the supposedly elusive nature of metaphysical truth:

The idea of existence itself is so convoluted in both western and eastern existential philosophies. It has become a corpulent mass of flesh, a spaghetti monster. Finding truth has become like unraveling a knitting factory after a tornado has gone through the building.

Yet I see themes everywhere in the metaphysical world. If we truly follow evidence based repeatable models, then I believe objective spiritual truth can be found not in an agreement necessarily of good, but of a recognition of the existence of evil/faults/failure… who cares the semantic game.

Why do we have concern about being? Or of judgmentalism? Or about needing to be loving? When we proclaim that no one has the right to teach objective truth; and we all pretend there is no objectivity to the spiritual life: Yet we rail against injustice in government all the time. We rightfully vilify abusers. And fight for the needs of the poor and oppressed.

How pessimistic and confused the philosophical descendants of Darwin have become… we can observe repeatable spiritual evidence all around us, we fight for its significance in social justice movements and political debates. On the one hand we want to stand for rights, for justice, for free markets. But on the other hand, we deny the existence of moral truth… our own mind is an oxymoron.

Consider the supposedly liberal movements since the 1960’s. It was meant to free us from socially conditioned formalism and facade, freeing us to just love one another and experience what is real about life. But what was the tangible outcome of this supposedly humanist ideology?

We ended up being plain old greedy hedonists, whose behavior as parents was largely to abandon our children and spouse for our own gratification and wanderlust. And on wall street we have been as bad or worse than the robber barons before the workers rights movements in the 1920’s.

Yet why does any of this bother us if we can’t have any objective spiritual truth in our world? Why are people universally bothered by injustice? Why are we all enraged by political corruption? By abuse? By, frankly, evil? It’s because we all essentially know that there is good. We all know in our heart, and not in our self-justification, that there is right and wrong.

Both West and East hold deep spiritual truths in regards to moral reality; and they also both have deep errors. To agree about any of this in our modern world… exasperating. Yet, the larger truths can be found in the universal themes: for all ask the same questions, albeit our conclusions about what to do with it are different… yet the fact that all cultures and ages ask THE EXACT SAME QUESTIONS tells us that there is a transcendence to existance; that there are truths that goes beyond the I or the We of human consciousness.

And if there be higher truths established beyond human will or egoism, then there is source. For something cannot exist from nothing… even the heights of arrogant human knowledge cannot undo this transcendent metaphysical reality; even complete denial and rejection cannot make something that is real to be unreal.

And in the reality that there is a right, because we all agree there is a wrong, we have a foundation to begin building objective answers to who the I, the Me, and the We are; and what purpose actually is. You know we can all see truth with the eyes of our heart. You can see the nature of the soul in the eyes of your children, in the mood and attitudes of the people that are around you every day. And what do their eyes say to you? Wonder? Fatigue? Hope? Pain? Longing?

The idea that we must constantly grasp around in the dark for some objective spiritual truth is, at its best, sincerely spurious. And at its worst, obfuscation. The light of truth is all around us in the form of common sense if we are willing to step off the throne of fear driven human ego. The path of truth is a path of acceptance of what truly is. It is to learn to flow with the river. Both in our own vessel, and as it relates to other vessels. Because something can never come from nothing.

Pastor Shayne

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