The Lessons Of Death

Facing death is one of the top three most volatile moments of our life. We cannot walk away without scars. Like attempting to stand under Niagra Falls, you will inevitably be swept away. And in this is found the lesson death would teach us.

Death is supposed to be hard, maddening, complex. Dying is murky, like fumbling around blindly in a thunderstorm, digging with our bare hands in the garden of our soul. Death bludgeons the living into seeing the futility of their control.

Mortality humbles arrogance into dust. It screams its painful lesson that we are not gods. We are not an island. We need. We must awake! We have nothing but faith for rescue.

Mortality is this infinite obsideon wall. Its closure is all powerful. No screams of rage, nor head pounding upon the sky can alter its will.

And in this is found the mystery of life’s beauty: finding hope in the midst of darkness is life’s most powerful expression of courage; For only those brave enough to open their hearts to the risk of pain, will ever experience love.

Only when we learn to embrace shadows, the same as we embrace light, will we begin the journey into wisdom. If we trust, we thrive. If we resist, we will be destroyed. It makes no difference if you agree with it or not.

No one ever said it was easy, just that it was real… even a smoke filled room has small burning embers; if you take the risk to open the caged door of your heart, the embers will explode into flame.

-Shayne Mason Vincent-

Pastor Shayne

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