Healing’s Strange Path

The strange thing about grief is that in order to heal, you must do what you have been taught your whole life not to do: You must place your hand on the stove until it seers and smokes your flesh. Unfortunately, the only way to our heal pain,is to face it.

Healing happens when we cast our soul into the fire. The magic of the river of tears purging the soul. Our pathway to freedom requires us to confront what we have been running from all along… the truth.

Do not be an island, don’t stick your head in the sand, or it will never go away. Find people that care. Counseling is not for the weak minded, and it is not psychology, rather, it is process: it is someone willing to push you off the ledge and guide you as you are forced to face all the monsters in your dreams.

And once the flames cool on their own, without control, and without demands, then you can safely pull your hand away from the flame. Yes, there will be scars. But there will also be sunrises, there will be wisdom, and there will be hope once again.

The Long Road of Grief

  • Year 1: A roller coaster of implication
  • Year 2: Denial ends and reality sinks in
  • Year 3-5: You can start to hear the birds singing again
  • Year 5-10: If you’re still hopelessly stuck, then it’s time for you to face your demons,  let go of your demands, forgive, and create something new.
Pastor Shayne
  1. Ragazza Triste

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