You Cannot Frame Dissent as Conspiracy

I’m an independent and I’d be interested to see a democrat who can see good principles in the Republican Party? And a Republican that can see good in the Democratic Party?

Can we separate the principles from the leaders and movements of the parties themselves? Can we separate reality from the bias of news media? Are we even allowed to question the governments motives without being labeled as a means of their silencing dissent?

For example, is it possible to not be into the social justice message as it is being done by Democrats and still love and care about the poor and immigrants? Or is it possible to not support Wall Street corruption, and care about the poor and immigrants and still care about fiscal responsibility?

This “party line equals worldview” is just reverse prejudice propaganda and does not really talk principle. Worldview does not have to translate into political view as though they are one and the same. This is a very dangerous path that propaganda is taking us through the arm of the media.

And there is a nauseating double standard for these warmongerers, crony capitalists, abusers and despots on both the left and right, based entirely upon which news organization you are indoctrinated by.

Why can we not see that both right and left parties are self-serving ideologues who feed the darker passions of the oppressed in both camps just to stay in power? They are willing to burn the country to the ground in their lust for control!

They have also done this in public group think. They title conspiracy as the narrative for every-single-issue that disagrees with their governance. If I question the government it does not automatically imply conspiracy. This is the right of freedom of expression. Dissent is a necessary part of holding corruption in check! To label every dissent a conspiracy is the propaganda of the Iron Curtain and Nazi Germany. It is very 1984.

If we say we are forced to choose the lesser of two evils, then I am willing to debate which evils as a minimizing of an unfixable human nature. But to say one is righteous while the other is evil is propaganda at its finest. They are both condemned of despotism. And no, affiliation does not automatically presume personal character. If it were a “just” system, traitors in both parties would be permanently imprisoned, and the parties dismantled. But it is not a “just “system, it is a human one.

And why do we even believe their rhetoric since they rarely if ever even implement anything more than the will of the corporations and bankers? They have successfully divided us into avoiding making them accountable. And we vote for the yo-yo, convinced we have actually done something important… yet all we’ve done is enable them. From the Whitehouse to the courthouse, all bought and paid for by the wizards of Oz behind their golden curtains.

And while we followed the pied piper off the cliff edge, the true victims are our freedoms and actual justice for wrongs. Our communities and our love for one another growing cold. In an ever widening net they trap the oppressed, while they fight over a web spun by their masters. And now we are hurling full speed in the path of the fall of Ancient Rome; rot from within.

And in this, we are truly no longer talking about reality, nor are we talking “to” one another, but “at” one another, a hypocrisy of self-righteousness, both liberal and conservative. Two equal opposites. Both just as arrogant and condescending. All while completely avoiding talking about anything actually real as far as workable solutions to tangible issues.

No, we are no longer dialoguing about real issues. We are rather demonizing one another. And this “us and them”, mob justice (majority rules), of both left and right, will end democracy entirely and thrust us back into the principles of the dark ages. And not only will we lose true justice for all, we will also lose the freedom of conscience, ie the freedom to live and let live, though we disagree.

Pastor Shayne
  1. Jerry McCOMB

    That article you wrote is very profound. Many of those things that you mentioned is how I feel I have expressed some of these thoughts to others however I don’t have the wording and the expertise that you are shown in this article thank you very much Shane very well done have a happy new year.



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